Sunday, October 24, 2010

Road Trip

Nate was fasinated with Jay and Quinn!

And of course he LOVES Traci's new house and he always enjoys visiting with Jessica

We had a whirlwind of trip this week. Dad went to see the new private practice that his buddy from Duke opened. Rob and Joe were Rheumatologists together at Duke and now Joe has his own show in Raleigh. It is quite impressive. I also had a client meeting in Raleigh and managed to squeeze in a few visits. Nate was a great sport as we managed to fit all of this in one and half days. On our way back to Atlanta we had dinner with GiGi (great grandmother). Nate put on quite a show for her and his great aunt Jane. He loved the soft carpet at GiGi's house and he was almost crawling.
It was a long car trip for a super short visit but we got a lot of good visits in!
Check back mid week or so for some halloween posts!

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