Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Time

I went out of my comfort zone a little and hosted a kid craft party. This was my first kid party and and I dont do crafts but Nate has really enjoyed art at his school that I decided to give it a try.We invited all his little friends and they each decorated a pumpkin. Nate had a ball playing with his buddies and he also discovered M&Ms at the party so his life will never be the same.

Nate loves a bouncy house. He and Cameron were loving the Sesame Street themed castle at the Elementary School fall carnival last weekend.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beach Trip!

This picture puts a big smile on my face!

Last weekend we headed to Destin Florida for a weekend trip with some friends

Nate was the only kiddo on the trip (12 adults and Nate) and he had a great time at the beach.

We got lucky and had Perfect weather. Nate loves the water and sand!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Go Go Go

Nate is on the go and it seems like we have been on the go a lot recently too.

We have been having lots of fun.

A few things that about Nate right now

- He loves to color (he calls it sholors) and he really digs "art" at school

-He shakes everyone's hand like he is going into a business meeting

-Elmo is becoming a borderline addiction

-Nate loves to get people to laugh and he laughs if other people laugh

-Nate likes to be the center of attention

-He says Amen after I sing the ABCs

-He calls football pootball and he he gets excited about it on TV

-he asks for mimi and thinks she will come if he just yells for her
-he is starting to realize his strength. He gave mamma a bloody nose last week

-he loves to sweep and throw trash away

-he absolutely idiolizes he DADDA and it is precious to watch