Thursday, October 28, 2010

6 Months Old!!!

Nate is 6 Months Old!!!
We are all loving this age. Nate seems to love it to. He is a champ at rolling over and scooting all around. He moves all around the room however, he has not launched into a full fledged crawl. He makes all kinds of noises and he is enjoying his first few tastes of FOOD. So far he seems to like the fruit and vegies.
His hair is getting long enough that he wakes up with some serious bed head on some mornings. Last week we had to take a picture right when he woke up because his hair was sticking up. It is so adorable.

We tried to take some pictures of Nate in his Halloween outfit last weekend when it was nice and warm. We could not get him to sit still but he sure makes a cute Giraffe. Here is Nate trying to eat the pumpkins.

This is my 2nd post this week so if you missed it, check out the last post- Road Trip

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Too cute!!!!!! Happy Halloween! Love Aunt Niki