Monday, March 28, 2011

Visit to Charlotte

Nate went to Charlotte to visit his GiGi (great grandmother
. He loves his GiGi. We also got to see some of mama's cousins and one of mama's college's friends new baby. It was a very busy quick trip.

He had a great time hanging out with everyone! Mimi went on the trip too and she introduced Nate to Crakel Barrel. He is eating his very first biscuit. There goes Nate's all organic diet.

This is baby Holden. She is precious but Nate was not so keen on her getting all the attention.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

On the Run

Nate enjoyed some nice weather in Atlanta at the Park. He is trying to "run" now so it keeps up really busy. He is also into throwing. The first few times we thought it was just a fluke but sure enough if you give Nate a ball and say throw then he throws the ball the best way a 10 month old can. I am impressed. On the not so impressive side he likes to eat leaves, sticks, dirt, and just about anything else he can get his hands on.

Nate's "running" also ended in a nasty fall this week. He skinned his nose us pretty bad on our seagrass rug. It looks worse than it is and Nate does not even realize that it appears he got in a fight and lost.

It was kind of a hard week with the busted nose and mommy had a stressful week at work so we are hoping that to get this week off to fresh start.
Nate's sweet smiles and playful giggles light up our lives so that is always a great way to start the week!

A little Nate in action to make you smile