Saturday, October 8, 2011

Go Go Go

Nate is on the go and it seems like we have been on the go a lot recently too.

We have been having lots of fun.

A few things that about Nate right now

- He loves to color (he calls it sholors) and he really digs "art" at school

-He shakes everyone's hand like he is going into a business meeting

-Elmo is becoming a borderline addiction

-Nate loves to get people to laugh and he laughs if other people laugh

-Nate likes to be the center of attention

-He says Amen after I sing the ABCs

-He calls football pootball and he he gets excited about it on TV

-he asks for mimi and thinks she will come if he just yells for her
-he is starting to realize his strength. He gave mamma a bloody nose last week

-he loves to sweep and throw trash away

-he absolutely idiolizes he DADDA and it is precious to watch

1 comment:

  1. I love the pics and that he shakes hands with He is so handsome. Can't wait to see you soon. Love Aunt Niki