Friday, April 15, 2011

Interesting Week

Last Week was interesting for sure.
We had a last minute visit from one of mommy's old friends and Nate had a great time playing with Levi!

Then his Papa came to visit. These were the good parts of the week. The rest of the week went from bad to worse.

We had a huge storm that knocked down lots of trees and we lost power for 2 long days and 2 log nights (we had to throw out everything from the freezer and fridge) Then Mommy got a sinus infection and dad and papa were gone at the Masters. Then Nate got sick with the violent stomach bug. Then mommy got stuck in Atlanta Traffic for over a hour nad half coming back from work. Then Mommy got the stomach bug and dad had to leave. It was not good. The sinus infection/stomach bug is not a combination I recommend. Thankfully I had a few angels come and help me out when I was too sick to care for Nate. Thank you angels for all your help!

Nate and Papa Nate and Levi

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