Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nate's Baptism

Nate is wondering why he is wearing a dress :)
But this is not just any dress, this is the Baptism Gown which has been passed down for generations from Rob's mom's family. Rob wore this very gown a few years ago and the family tradition of faith continues to be passed down to each new family member. Nate was honored to be wearing such a special piece of family history. A big blue N was stiched next to his cousins's J (for Jacob) to symbolize his baptism. The gown has to make way to Germany soon for Rob's cousin's new baby.
We had a great weekend with our family and Nate enjoyed spending time with everyone. He had so much fun that Sunday night he was so worn out from all the company that he slept from 7pm- 4am which is a lifetime record for the Boy!!!!!! After nearly 2 half weeks of sleepless nights we were thrilled to get a few zzs

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  1. If Rob really wore that just a few years ago, I would really like to see those pictures.