Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nate sends a shout out to his Mimi


Thank you so much for caring for me the past few weeks. Thanks for spending the night at the hospital and helping my mommy while she was really weak at home. I really enjoyed hanging out with you and getting to know you. I know that we are going to best buds and I hope that I get to see you lots! Sorry that I scream so loud when you try to change my clothes. I scream even louder for mom and dad. My mom told me that you were a special person and she was right. Granddad is not bad either. I can's wait to see this fishing boat he keeps talking about. I like it when you guys rock me to sleep and hold me there for hours. I also enjoy our play time in the morning. Thanks for turning down so much golf to hang out with me. I feel very loved and I so happy that you are my mimi.

Love Nate

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